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The Biggest Furfural, Furfuryl Alcohol Producer in China!

Xingtai Chunlei Furfuryl Alcohol Co., Ltd. is located on the east side of the city of Xingtai which is about 400 Km. south of Beijing and 500 KM southwest of Tianjin. All of these cities are connected by high-speed motorways. The company was established in 1994 with a capitalization of 380 million Yuan. It includes factories which produce Furfural, Furfuryl Alcohol, and Furan Resin..

The company employs a staff of 780 personnel including 152 technicians. The factories are well equipped with modern machinery and employ up-to-date testing methods. The Company's annual production is as follows: Furfural --30,000 metric tons, Furfuryl Alcohol - 25,000 metric tons, and Furan Resin --5,000 metric tons. The Company has been ISO9002 certified and has been awarded a credit rating of AAA by financial institutions. Because of her great contributions to society, the CEO of the company, Mrs. Liu Yufen, was recognized as one of the Top Ten Women in China in 1998. She is now the National Workers' Model in China.

Our company has an export license and we have exported our products to many countries throughout the world.

High Quality, good value and excellent service are our goals. We warmly welcome customers from all over the world and look forward to serving you.

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