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Furfural, Furfuraldehyde (ISO9002 CERTIFIED)

If you need to purchase furfural, we sell with the following specifications.

Formula C5H4O2
Purity 98.5%min.
Moisture 0.2%max
Acid,mol/L 0.016max
Refractive Index () 1.524 - 1.527
Density (P20),g/cm3 1.159-1.161

Furfural is produced from agricultural wastes that contain pentosans, complex carbohydrates present within the cellulose in many woody plant tissues. Theoretically, almost any pentosan-containing material or combination of materials can be used for the production of furfural.

Furfuryl alcohol , which is used primarily in the production of furan resins for foundry sand binders, is the major market for furfural. It is widely used industrially as a refining solvent in the manufacture of synthetic rub.

Packing: 240 Kg. Net weight steel drums or in 25 metric ton tanks. One 20" FCL container holds 80 drums.

Annual production: 10,000 M. T.


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